The Family

Erich is my husband. We’ve been together for about 5 years and married for two of them. We’ve been through everything that was designed to tear us apart but fought through it. That what doesn’t kill us, will only make us stronger, right? I met him at an old job where he was my boss and the funny thing is, I hated his guts at first. We argued a lot because I was butt hurt that he got the position that I wanted. Funny how things work out, huh? He’s pretty handy to have around, he can fix just about anything. For some reason, everyone likes him. Lol

Dominick is 14 and will be in high school next year. He is who made me a mom. With him, I got to skip all the diapers and tantrums and jump right into the young and fun kid stage. Now he’s a teenager and into girls…Oh boy. He’s one of the most respectful, well mannered boys I have ever met, minus the typical teenage attitude that is. This kid could make anyone laugh. He’s cool because he laughs at my lame jokes every time, even if it’s a forced laugh. You could have an hour long conversation with him and forget that you are talking to a teenager. He’s super intelligent and has the vocabulary of someone my age. He’s thoughtful and genuinely cares about others feelings and what they think. This guy doesn’t have a mean bone in his body. (Those flowers he’s holding were for his girlfriend.)
Lanaia is 4 years old. I did get to do the whole diapers and tantrums with this one. I kinda did this backwards, huh? She is pretty well mannered for a 4 year old. She says please when she wants something and usually she gets it but when we tell her no, she’ll keep saying please in a not so polite way. lol. She’s super smart and will remember every promise that anyone makes to her and will rub it in their face. She’s sweet and tells her family she loves and misses them even if they’ve only been gone for 10 minutes. She’s got a super active imagination and will entertain herself like 90% of the time by acting as a mommy to her babies and her sister. Little mommy in the making. Her mama, Stephanie is her best friend and all she talks about.
Averie is my daughter. She is 2 years old and terrible twos are in full force. She’s a sassy but also sweet toddler. She’s very independent but will ask for help if she’s tried a million times to do something and just can’t get it. She loves to be a mommy to her babies just like her sister. Her siblings are her best friends. I get to experience everything from diapers and tantrums to teenage years with her, but I should be a pro by now because of my step kids, right? Hahahaha. Who the heck am I kidding?! I have a feeling this little girl is gonna be a handful growing up. Her vocabulary is pretty impressive for being only two years old. She was saying sentences at young age.