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Things you should never say to someone with OCD.

I thought I'd do another mental health post, because I suffer from this as well as anxiety and depression. Triple whammy, right? A lot of people don't think of the severity of mental illness and will say things that definitely doesn't need to be said. Hurtful things. I've heard a lot of hurtful things about… Continue reading Things you should never say to someone with OCD.

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Friendships & Anxiety; Dear best friend

In a previous post, I talked about what it's like for me as a mom to have anxiety... Well, anxiety affects more than just my life as a mom... it affects my friendships and the ability to make friends as well. Anxiety has the power to kill friendships... It can make you distant from your… Continue reading Friendships & Anxiety; Dear best friend

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Motherhood & Anxiety, My struggle Part: 2

About a month ago, I shared my struggle with depression. Today I am going to talk about another difficult struggle of mine that really affects my life and every aspect of it.  ANXIETY. I know I had problems with depression at a younger age, but I didn't know I had anxiety until just a few… Continue reading Motherhood & Anxiety, My struggle Part: 2