The Halloween Tag

I’m back with another Tag Post. This time, it’s about my most favorite fall time thing… Halloween!  I also got this tag from Coffee Mamma. (Go check out her blog!) She got it from Anna Vs Life who she believed created it! Here goes.   What is your favorite horror Movie? I love so many horrorContinue reading “The Halloween Tag”

Fall Tag Post

I’m going to jump on the Tag Post train and the Fall tag post that I got from Coffee Mamma‘s blog. Rachel is the amazing Author of Coffee Mamma and I just love her blog. She’s a Mom blogger that we can all relate to. Please go check out her blog!   What is one candle youContinue reading “Fall Tag Post”

Fall time is upon us!

Yes, I am jumping on that wagon of everyone expressing how much they love fall and yes, I purposely made the title rhyme because I felt it needed that extra umpth! I feel like cat in the hat. In all seriousness now, fall is actually my all time favorite season. I love absolutely everything about it. Literally,Continue reading “Fall time is upon us!”