2 1/2 months old already?!

My mom wasn’t kidding when she said “Enjoy her now, they grow up fast.” Oh man, it seems like I just brought her home from the hospital yesterday and now she’s already almost 3 months old?! WHAT?! *Crying hysterically* I don’t like this. At all.  Breath jessie, ohhh ahhhh. SHE OUT GREW ALL HER NEWBORNContinue reading “2 1/2 months old already?!”

Little Miss Averie

9 Months later… Averie Patricia-Lee WilesJanuary 10th, 20161:14 P.M.7 Pounds and 4 Ounces19 1/2 Inches long Finally, She is here (now 10 days old).For the first few days it was so surreal. I couldn’t believe that I was a mommy.How was labor you ask?Well, labor was not that bad actually. I was having small contractionsContinue reading “Little Miss Averie”

How to be thankful .

I’m sure everyone has been in a position where they feel like they have nothing to be happy about, where they wish they had more. I’m sure that is normal for everyone. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve had days that I’ve felt this way. Life just seems so hard sometimes that youContinue reading “How to be thankful .”