We have a Crawler!!

I was so excited when Averie crawled for the first time (which was  about 2 weeks ago…lol)…  But now, I’m just like, “Why was I excited for this again?! HAHAHA.My house is a lot harder to clean and keep clean when you have a 9 month old monster destroying it every chance she gets. JustContinue reading “We have a Crawler!!”

Late Night Giggles.

I guess midnight means play time in Averie’s world. Averie got use to a schedule where she goes to bed around 9 pm, well lately that hasn’t been the case. I Will feed her a bottle at 9 and then rock her to sleep. She falls asleep and I stick her in her crib. 10Continue reading “Late Night Giggles.”

Half a Year old Averie.

I know I do more of these posts than anything but Averie’s milestones are the highlights of my life. LOL So Miss Averie is now 6 months old. HOLY FREAKIN CRAP. When the heck did that happen?! I still remember everything about the day that I had her and being in the hospital for 4Continue reading “Half a Year old Averie.”