I used to work with pedophiles

How would you feel if you found out that your place of employment hired a pedophile? Would you feel safe? Would you be angry that the company that you work for that is suppose to be a sexual harassment free zone, hired someone like this?

I chose happiness

For as long as I can remember, I have been unhappy and I had many reasons…. I never blamed myself for my unhappiness, but now I realized that I am totally to blame because I chose to be unhappy. Yes, awful things happen to everyone and those things might make us sad or angry, butContinue reading “I chose happiness”

73 Questions Vogue parody

73 Questions was popularized on Vogue’s YouTube channel. Typically, celebrities are asked 73 questions in a rapid-fire style. Now, bloggers have started their own version in a way which is something fun to take part in to get to know them. I huge thank you to Sandy from Sunday Morning With Sandy for nominating me forContinue reading “73 Questions Vogue parody”