Someone told me once that you can’t get PTSD over a toxic relationship.

WRONG. Yes you can. Oh boy can you!!

I’ve dated some real ass holes (pretty much 90%of who I dated). I’ve been physically abused, mentally abused, emotionally abused and verbally abused…. All of that is trauma… And what is PTSD associated with?! TRAUMA people!

Do you know what all of that trauma did to me?!

It shredded my confidence to pieces. It made me feel worthless and completely unlovable. It even made me feel ugly to the point where I wanted to die.

I’m no longer in a toxic relationship, but do you know how all that trauma had affected me today??

I am TERRIFIED of dating. I’m terrified of getting to know someone. I’m terrified of ever finding interest in someone ever again because what comes with that is getting to know them which I’m terrified of!! Certain songs, movies, and even smells will bring back an awful memory and trigger a panic attack.

Want to know the absolute worst part of it all?!

Even after everything I went though, I still have feelings (yuck). Not feelings for anyone (Because anyone I’ve come in contact with has given me a reason why I should just be single the rest of my life), but the kind feelings of just wanting to be happy with someone. It’s a constant battle between my heart and my brain.

Toxic relationship can cause PTSD amongst other mental health problems.