I was told to “Just be happy”

I really wish people would do some research on mental health and what it does to a person. I was told once, “Why can’t you just be happy?” Like if I could just be happy don’t you fucking think I would be?! Do you think I am just choosing sadness and depression? Um, NO. I wouldn’t choose this nor would I wish this on my worst enemy. Battling with your own brain is by far the worst.

I was asked once, “Why do you post so much sad shit on Facebook?” Oh gee, I don’t know, maybe because I’M FUCKING SAD, Lisa! Did you even ask if I was okay?! No? Then don’t talk to me about the sad shit I post. Move along little doggy.

Someone asked me if I was okay once and when I responded with an honest answer, which was “No”, their reply was, “You should seek professional help.” Okay, this is like the last thing you want to say to someone when they tell you they aren’t okay. If they tell you they aren’t okay, more than likely it was hard to even tell you that. When you tell them to go get professional help, it’s basically saying that you don’t want to listen. Most of they time, all they want is someone to listen and just BE there for them, no advice.

Do your research people, don’t be ignorant

I cannot say this enough, MENTAL HEALTH IS VERY REAL AND IT REALLY MATTERS! Do your research so you don’t hurt someone who is already hurting. You have no idea what battle they are fighting within themselves.

25 thoughts on “I was told to “Just be happy”

  1. Yes. Yes. Yes.
    At 15 my mom died and obviously I had some mental health issues following that. People would ask why I wasn’t talking much, sleeping a lot, wasn’t doing as well in school, etc. Like come on – does it really need explained?!? People are ignorant sometimes. It’s best to just ignore the ignorance.

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  2. Every year there is a big campaign here (Canada) by Bell, a large corporation, to raise awareness on social media for mental health awareness. Bell Let’s Talk Day. I will say that this, over the years, has helped me be more understanding and sensitive about mental health issues, anyway. The only way for the stigma, for lack of better terminology, to go away, is to keep talking about it, and post like yours go along way towards that. Thank you for sharing.

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  3. There are so many people who just say “get over it, drop it, be happy”, and that’s because they don’t really know what you are going through. And yes, I agree that the most annoying thing when you try to open up to someone is the reply ” go and seek professional help”.

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  4. I totally feel you on your posts. Mental illness is real!! And I dont like how other people think you just need meds or to “snap out of it” People should be better informed.


  5. I’m a Long time sufferer of depression and anxiety. It’s hard for us but it’s also hard for those who surround us and don’t have an issue with it to understand. Research is good but let’s be honest… they won’t. So the best we can do is keep talking to them. Explain our emotional state and trying to let them know what we may need. And yes, seeking professional help may be needed by some. We may not want to hear it but therapy and medications can be a godsend even when we think it won’t help. Been there done that… many times. Good luck with dealing with those people


  6. I don’t think a lot of people understand that being happy isn’t just something you can switch on, and then you also have people who think that just because you don’t have a giant smile on your face it must mean you are pissed off/depressed all the time.

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  7. Yes, mental health is a huge issue that really gets ignored/pushed under the rug. I’d like to believe it’s gotten better and there are more options now, but I’m really not sure. There is a lot of mental health issues in my family and it’s heartbreaking.

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  8. I am often shocked when I hear people’s lack of empathy or knowledge of mental health, as it is one of the main concerns in my industry. I do feel mental health is more widely recognised though.

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  9. Honestly, the title says it all, and is so very true. I have been coming across many blogs about mental health. Mental health is being a serious issue in today’s world and glad that people are taking initiatives to bring it to light.

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