So I don’t know if you guys Facebook or not (Who doesn’t really?), but that’s where I find out all of whats going on in the world. So, I’m not going to lie, I think a lot of bullshit is going on…


So Last week, we had not one, not two, but THREE earthquakes here in Las Vegas, all within 2 days. That’s not normal for us at all and they were pretty decent sized ones. We were actually at Dairy Queen when It happened. My step daughter was climbing back in the booth and then the table started to move and I thought she was doing it. Then the booth itself started to move and I was like, “Dang, Lanaia, you’re moving the whole table.” Well, she wasn’t moving the table. Then the lights started moving. It was the first earthquake I was ever awake for. So, that was just crazy.


Another thing people are getting crazy about is the fact that they are having a woman of color play the part of Little Mermaid…. I have to say first, WHO GIVES A SHIT?! Like honestly. Maybe she was the better audition. Maybe we NEED more diversity in the world (Which I think we do). Or maybe SHE WAS THE BETTER AUDITION!!! There are so many other problems in the world, like REAL problems and y’all let the fact that a woman of color playing the part of Ariel, get your panties in a wad?! Y’all have shit ass backwards! I’m not sure why guys are bitching about this, I’m sure they don’t even watch this movie! One of the questions that was asked on Facebook was, “How do I explain this to my kids?” Um, you tell them that Halle was obviously the best audition and we will root for her no matter what! How about that? You are encouraging racism! Let Halle Bailey have her time and STFU everyone. It’s not that big of a deal, I promise. Besides, HAVE Y’ALL HEARD HER VOICE?!?!

I lost my want for Ice Cream

So, the new STUPID internet tread is to go to a store, open a container of ice cream, lick the top and then put it back. Wait, WHAT?! First off, DON’T Y’ALL HAVE A ANYTHING better to do than to just go to stores and lick the tops of ice creams? Second, y’all are disgusting. Really. Apparently it’s also a thing to spit in the Arizona teas and take a swig of mouth wash and then put them back. What the hell is wrong with you sicko’s?! We live in a world of non intelligent beings, because not only are they ruining a lot of products and risking giving whatever they have to someone else, they are recording this shit and PUTTING IT ON SOCIAL MEDIA! Like what in the hell?! The girl who started it all actually went to jail for licking a container of Blue Bell ice cream because SHE PUT IT ON THE INTERNET! People are idiots.

I just don’t get it. People choose to be mad at the most ridiculous things, do the most ridiculous things and just act ridiculous in general! Here’s a bit of advice for everyone:

  • Stop being racist, you are the one who looks like a fool
  • Stop spreading your nasty germs
  • Don’t judge anyone
  • Recognize your wrong doing
  • Mind your business
  • Discipline your kids if you see them hurting others
  • Take a freaking shower
  • Don’t parent other people’s kids unless they give you permission and if they do,
  • Don’t intrude on their parenting
  • Don’t be lazy, work for your success
  • Stop trying to force your religion on others
  • Listen better
  • Don’t destroy the earth
  • And just don’t be an asshole

This rant is over. Had to get this out. If people just stopped being assholes, this world would be such a happy place.