I grew up in the Mormon religion, which I never thought was the right path for me and have recently resigned from. There are many reasons why I did this but I will not go into that because I don’t want to deter anyone away from the religion of their choosing.

To answer my own question…

Yes, I am a good person even though I am not religious. Just because I am not religious, doesn’t mean I don’t have my own beliefs. I know I am a good person because I am forgiving and give people multiple chances even when I probably shouldn’t. I know I’m a good person because instead of shutting down, I talk to the ones about what they are doing that is bothering me. I know I’m a good person because I don’t judge anyone, not for their race, religion, their beliefs or sexuality. I have never judged anyone based on the religion I was apart of. I know I am a good person because I don’t make anyone feel bad for their choices just because I don’t like them. I know I’m a good person because I am someone that can be confided in, and someone that anyone can go to for support.

I am super easy to be friends with and get along with…until you start telling that what I’m doing is a sin and looking down upon me for it…until you start telling others about what I confided in you with…until you let what I say to you go in one ear and out the other…until you judge me for what I do because YOU believe it’s a sin in YOUR religion. That is where I will cut you out. I don’t care what anyone thinks of me because I know I am a good person and that isn’t because I read the bible and go to church every Sunday. It’s because I have morals and standards, which I have not seen in most people who are religious…

You are a good person too

You don’t have to be religious to be a good person and you certainly don’t have to read the bible and go to church to be a good person. Not hurting people intentionally, being there for someone, not judging anyone for any reason, not shoving religion and the bible down someone’s throat, and just being kind to everyone makes you a good person. Don’t listen to anyone who says that you need church, religion or the bible to have a happy life and to be a good person, because it’s not true. You make your life happy no matter what you believe in.

Let me clarify something

I don’t mind if religion is your thing. I’ll be friends with you. I don’t mind if you read the bible and go to church. I’ll be friends with you. I don’t mind if you like the same sex or are transgender or whatever your sexual preference is. I’ll be friends with you. I do not judge and am easy to get along with if you do the same. Unfortunately, I’ve had too many people in my life tell me I am doing wrong or am sinning because it’s against their religion. Guess what guys? Forcing a religion, the bible or even god down someone’s throat is wrong. Telling someone they need religion, the bible or god in their life to have happiness is wrong. I was told this phrase that my happiness and such were up to me and God. This is wrong also. By saying this to someone one you know isn’t religious is just looking down on them. You are trying to push God or your beliefs on them.

If you are going to be religious, cool, but don’t force it on me and don’t judge me. Just because I am no longer religious, doesn’t mean I don’t know how religion is and one of the biggest sins in religion is to judge… Might want to really think about that when you are practicing your faith before you shake your head at someone in disappointment.. Just saying.