A reply to a very judgmental person’s condescending blog post.

A few days ago, a person who use to be my friend wrote a post about me/ to me and honestly, it was a highly offensive post that truly got under my skin, but not for the fact that we aren’t friends anymore, but because it was all bull shit. She doesn’t see anything wrong with her post and how truly offensive it was towards me.

Example one

It’s obvious that you feel that I think of you poorly (Which I do and for good reasons), so I guess the whole enemy thing applies to me, right? Cool.

Example two

Okay, so many things wrong with this paragraph. First, you choose to love me because you don’t care who I am, right? Then why did you shake your head at me in disappointment over something I choose to do and continued with your words to make me feel bad about it just because you thought it wasn’t right? Why did you tell me (and make me feel worse about) a decision I was thinking about making was a sin because you believe it’s a sin? Second, I don’t “Rant” untruthful things, but you didn’t write about all the hurt and betrayl you caused me, did you? I don’t have to rant anyways, other’s have seen you judge me in person and cause my anxiety to skyrocket.

Example three

This just confirms that you think of me as your enemy… (Isn’t that wrong in Jesus’ eyes?) I never prosecuted anyone, because I DON’T JUDGE and I certainly did not judge you based of whatever religion you think you are following.

Example four

So, what you are saying is that what I say about you is hurtful, but when you do it, it’s just not likable? Interesting.

Example five

Forgive and move on, huh? Then why this post about how you choose to forgive your enemy? That doesn’t sound like moving on to me.
And is there a reason you are comparing me to an adulterous woman, a tax collector, and a betrayer? Even if you don’t mean it that way, that’s how most will understand this. Funny. Jesus chose to love the adulterous woman, a tax collector and a betrayer so you chose to love me… Yup, sounds like a comparison to me… Oh, and who the hell are you to decide if my choices are questionable? You are not God, Jesus or even my mother.

Example six

This paragraph makes no sense. What does appearance have to do with a person treating their spouse poorly? Nothing at all…
So, what you are saying is that Jesus says that we have to love all? Even the one who is hurting us to the core and belittling us? Really? Oh, that’s right because it’s a sin to get divorced, right? Why don’t you say that to a domestic violence survivor or to the one who was verbally, mentally and emotionally abused for so long that got out of that situation…See how they feel…

Example seven

This bothers me the most. First, you have no right to bring up my personal issues to anyone… Second, by you saying it’s up to me and God, that’s pushing YOUR BELIEFS on others. You don’t need to write shit like this, telling people that the bible, church and God are the right path because it’s NOT up to you to determine other’s paths or belittle them because their paths are different than yours. Judgmental.
Third, I was never there for you, huh? So, those numerous texts and calls about your anxiety wasn’t being there for you? All those talks we had about your issues with your husband (And there were a lot of them) AND ME NOT TELLING ANYONE ABOUT IT wasn’t being there for you? You coming over just because you needed to leave your house and get a break wasn’t being there for you? Hmmm, then crap, I must be a terrible friend, right? Fourth, When were you ever truly there for me when I really needed you? Was it when I CONFIDED in you about my marital issues and how I was hurting and you told me that what I was thinking of doing was a sin and then told your husband who in turn told mine numerous times which caused my anxiety to worsen, and not to mention, MORE MARITAL ISSUES? Was it when I tried to talk to you like a grown adult about how your kids act at my house and how they treat my kids (Which was not very well, I might add) and it went in one ear and out the other and you “vented” to your husband about how it bothered you that I even talked to you about it? Or was it one of the numerous times that I needed a friend to talk to and when I tried to talk to you, you talked about yourself instead or tried to force your religion on me? The only advise you ever had for me was to either pray or read the bible which is definitely not any help. What would of been helpful was for you to listen…

In conclusion

Moral of this post, don’t post shit about me if you are only going to tell half the story. Tell everyone about how HURTFUL it was toward me that you broke a trust between you and I. Don’t tell someone who was utterly hurting that they are sinning because they were thinking of divorce. You could have caused more damage to me. Don’t tell me I NEED church, the bible or God in my life. That’s not for you to say. Don’t judge me off my decisions because you think they are sins, when your judgmental self is committing one of the biggest sins, which is constant judgement. You’re good though, right? Because you are right with God and Jesus and they give you forgiveness, right? If I am not mistaken, I think God and Jesus would want you to sought out the ones you hurt and apologize AND RECOGNIZE the wrong doing. Not write a self righteous post about how you choose to love them anyways and compare them to some evil biblical references in said same post. Like you said, no one is perfect, but you judged me on my imperfection. Kind of hypocritical, don’t you think?

You keep doing you and forcing your religion and judgement on others, I guarantee you’ll loose more people in your life that way, just like you lost me. P.S. I don’t need prayers from a person who told me to stay in a situation when I was hurting because it’s a sin to leave. Jesus doesn’t want anyone to hurt. Pretty sure that’s taught in every religion…

13 thoughts on “A reply to a very judgmental person’s condescending blog post.

  1. Jessie, I applaud this post. I’m so tired of “God-fearing” people hiding behind their Christianity to force their ideas or judgments on others. Keep doin’ you, you don’t need someone like that in your life. Sounds like hers is full of Christ anyway.

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    1. Thank you girl!! I don’t judge anyone, especially based on their religion. But how she’s treated me and acted towards me because of her religion has made me judge her.


      1. Everyone gets caught up in “should I judge?” Well, no, you shouldn’t. But it is a part of being human: it’s how we decide if we like our position or not (in my opinion). The problem with religion is that they preach “No judgement” or “Only God can judge,” but then turn right around and do the exact same thing they said they wouldn’t. How can they be trusted?

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      2. I was raised atheist (kinda rare I think). I have been educated in religion but am foggy on a lot of details (it’s so complicated). Most of my views are pretty simple and I’ve developed them over time. I am married to a Catholic, and I don’t care if people want to believe. Just please, don’t try to convert me. Lol. Judge yourself first, then you can move on to others if you feel so entitled to do so.

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  2. It’s so crazy to think that someone wrote this about you. They must have had a lot of time on their hands. I think you’re a great person and a great mom 😘 so glad you stuck up for yourself


    1. She said it wasn’t judgemental at all and that it was just what she was learning in church. 🙄 Thanks girl, I really appreciate that. It takes a lot to really get to me and takes even more for me to say anything about it.


      1. She’s outright defaming you over something personal.if its what she learned in church she would have picked up the phone or contacted you in regards to the issue in a more private manner. Not exploit it all over her blog. Someone’s seeking attention that’s for sure.

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      2. Yeah, she exploited more than just the general issue, she put my anxiety and my marital issues on a public blog. There’s only one person who is okay to blog about that, and that’s me. Thanks girl. 💜


      3. Yeah thats totally only ohkay if you do it! It’s so hard to trust some people these days. I’ve learned that the hard way. I hope this doesn’t cause too many domino issues for you and your family. All the best ❤

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      4. It can’t cause issues if I don’t allow her in my life anymore.
        Funny thing is, she still reads my blog and I know she’ll read this. 😂


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