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I’m sure every parent if not, most have heard of the baby alive dolls. They are dolls that imitate real babies and toddlers. You can feed them, nurture them, talk to them and change their diaper (Yes, they do wet). Well they are a bit on the pricey side, but they are great at teaching your little’s how to take care of a baby. 

My daughter turned three years old on the 10th and this was her birthday gift from her dad, grandma and me. I was adamant about not buying one because of the price tag, but my daughter loves baby dolls and she’s great with them and with taking care of them. She seen the commercials and her big sister has some of them and she just fell in love with them.

So, this is the one I got her, because this is the one, she picked out about a week before her birthday.


Here’s what she comes with:

  • Outfit she’s in
  • Pacifier
  • Bottle
  • Hat
  • Soft blanket that you can swaddle her with
  • Batteries that are already in her


So, apparently, this doll has 80 + lifelike expressions, movements and real baby sounds like, giggling, babbling and other noises. So far, I haven’t noticed anywhere close to 80.
What she does do that I’ve seen:

  • Cries (Especially when you tip her upside-down LOL) and makes a sad face
  • Blows kisses when you put her hand to her mouth
  • Moves her head towards you when you talk to her
  • Nuzzles you when you hold her
  • Makes suckling noises when you give her a bottle or pacifier
  • She giggles and smiles when you tickle her belly
  • She goes to sleep when you rock her (Creepy thing is, when she goes into sleep mode, her eyes open back up)
  • She burps when you pat her back
  • Babbles at you when you talk to her

Here comes the part that everyone wants to know… The price.

So, for whatever reason, the three races that they have are all different prices. Don’t know why. They all do the same thing.

African American doll is $99.51 on Amazon (When I got it, it was only $90.99)

Mexican doll is various prices on Amazon because it’s only sold by third party sellers.
Prices range from $93.10 to $159.99

Caucasian doll is also sold by third party sellers.
Prices range from $69.68 to $117.95

During the holidays, all this info changes. This past Christmas, they were cheaper and weren’t just sold by third party sellers.

The only store I found to sell them was target. Maybe that’s because they literally just came out in August of 2018. I don’t really know.


Everyone that knows me will know that I think it’s ridiculous to pay so much for a freaking doll… Especially because most of the time kids ruin their toys. I was so adamant about not buying one of these brands of dolls because they are too much, but I caved because the look on my daughter’s face when her big sister wouldn’t let her hold hers, broke my heart. Besides, my daughter is really good with baby dolls and so far, since she’s had this one, she’s taken great care of it. Her baby even sleeps in a little baby doll crib right next to her bed, all tucked in.


Here’s my personal review of the doll:

I think it’s great for kids who love baby dolls and don’t destroy their toys. Do I think the doll is worth the price? Heck no. So, I’ll probably never buy another one. For over $100, I think this doll should crawl or be able to learn how to say actual words. Lol.  Do I think I made the right choice by getting my daughter one? Yes, I do.  She treats it good and loves babies. The look of pure joy on her face when she opened it was pure joy for me to see how happy she was that she got one of her own.  Out of 5 stars, I’d probably give it a 3.5 to 4 stars, only because I think it’s too expensive for a kid’s toy and should do more for how much it costs. Honestly, I think the doll is creepy. She’s got big eyes and turns your way when she hears you talking… Maybe I watch too many horror movies.


Here’s my three-year old’s honest review: 


She likes it, obviously. I asked her, “Do you love her?” She said, “Yessss, she’s sooo cute!” I also asked her, “What does she do?” She said, “She cries. Look! She’s crying now. Awww, baby, don’t cry. Mama’s here!”