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Everyone thinks I’m strange because I hate sunny days, like really hate them and LOVE cloudy, overcast, rainy days. With that being said, it’s probably needless to say, but I hate summer time. Summer time is just absolutely dreadful in Las Vegas, and every year, I think the weather tries to top how hot it was the year before. I would be totally happy if it were rainy every single day.
It’s been cloudy here in Las Vegas for the last couple of days and I am in heaven because of it. Since it’s been cloudy, the temperature has only gotten to a high of 85 degrees, which is AMAZING!


Here I have put together reasons why you should take a walk in the rain.

  • Typically, there are less people outside when it’s raining (except for people like me) which I love because I am not a people person. Lol
  • The air when it’s raining is scientifically proven to be cleaner, so go breath that air in!


  • The humidity from the rain is good for your skin and health.
  • The smell of rain has a calming effect, hence why there are rain scented candles. Walking in the rain relieves stress.

Here’s some other reasons why rainy days are the best.

  • Crime rates drop on rainy days. I guess criminals don’t like to get wet…?
  • According to movies, rain is great to make out in.



  • Rainy days gives you a reason to stay inside with the door open and binge watch shows on Netflix.
  • If you have grass or a garden, you don’t have to water it. Saves you money on your water bill.

See, rain is a good thang, and we all know that rain makes corn and corn makes whisky. 😉

Enjoy the rain, for we do not get the pleasure of it that often. Not in Vegas at least.  Sigh