I thought I’d do another mental health post, because I suffer from this as well as anxiety and depression. Triple whammy, right? A lot of people don’t think of the severity of mental illness and will say things that definitely doesn’t need to be said. Hurtful things. I’ve heard a lot of hurtful things about my mental illnesses, so I’ve decided to do this post.

 ONE: “You need to relax”

First of all, don’t you think we would if we honestly could?! OCD can’t just be cured by freaking yoga or at a spa. It just doesn’t work that was.

TWO: “Are you sure you’re OCD? You’re not as organized as I thought you’d be.”

Okay… Do you even know what OCDD is?! Just because someone is OCD doesn’t mean they are organized all the time or even at all. OCD manifests in different ways for different people.

THREE: “Can’t you just stop?”

Um…No…We can’t just stop. If people could just stop preforming these actions, they wouldn’t be suffering from OCD, now would they? OCD means they have to do the task. Not like we want to; we need to. That’s where compulsion comes from.

FOUR: “I do that and I don’t have OCD.”

You organizing your socks in color order may be your preference, but for someone with OCD, it’s not just a preference, they have to do it. In their mind, it’s necessary. When you make comments like this, it diminishes a very real problem for someone who truly does suffer from OCD.

FIVE: “That makes no sense.”

DUH! Those with OCD already know that what they do has no logical reasoning behind it. Hence why it’s called compulsion… Trying to convince someone with OCD that what they do makes no sense is just going to make matters worse and hurt their feelings.

SIX: “It’s all in your head.”

No shit, Sherlock. People with OCD know it’s in their head. That doesn’t make it any less real or easier to overcome. Comments like this hurt the most and shouldn’t be said to anyone. Dismissal is extremely hurtful.


OCD: [Obsessive compulsive disorder]
A disorder in which a person feels compelled to preform certain stereotyped actions repeatedly to alleviate persistent fears or intense thoughts, typically resulting in severe disruption of daily life.

OCD is a REAL illness. Don’t treat it like it’s not or just dismiss it.