My daughter and I have been watching this movie a ton lately. I love this movie because I grew up reading the book. I was happy when I found this movie at the goodwill store and I was even more happy when my daughter actually took an interest in it. This movie is adorable and we love the singing parts in it, but the more we watched it, the more I realized how many life lessons are being portrayed in this story. I am here to tell you why you all should read the book and watch the movie with your kids other than the fact that it’s cute.


The Once-ler’s story tells us that we must be cautious to avoid past mistakes. Learn from your past and the mistakes of others- those you know and those from history. Keep trying and moving forward and try to be a little bit better than you were the day before.

imageedit_38_9463916942Nature has been known to be good for the soul. It has been known to lower stress and bring out amazing appreciation for our world. Make it a point to go outside on a daily basis. Take a walk. Go hiking or just sit in the grass. Appreciate nature’s beauty.




Speak for things that can’t speak for themselves. We need to be advocates for people, things and causes that have no voice. This can be done in many ways – Cleaning up beaches or parks or volunteering at an animal shelter. Speak up!



imageedit_59_4384359739Take the time to get to know the older generations. Learn the stories and memories of those who are older. Find out what their life was like. These people can teach you more than a book can I think. They learned from experiences and mistakes. They’ve been a round for a lot more than you have. Go to a local nursing home and just talk to them. I use to work for an assisted living home and one of my favorite residents was 97 years old and she told me stories about when she was a nurse and where she was from. I loved it.




One person is capable of so much and that one person can make the world a better place. You’ll never know your strength unless you test your boundaries. You’ll never know what can happen unless you try and do what you think is impossible.


There ya go. 5 lessons that the Lorax teaches that we should indeed follow.