You know how horror movies with children in them are the creepiest? I think the reason for that is because kids really are creepy as hell. They say and do some strange things that make you question their innocence, but then you think a little more and realize that their minds really are innocent and honestly, that makes the things they do and say even creepier.

Here’s some of the creepy things I’m talking about…

My step-daughter, Lanaia.

One day, Lanaia and I were sitting on the couch when she started a very strange/creepy conversation.
Her: “Ona?” (That’s a name she calls me that she came up with.)
Me: “Yes, Lanaia?”
Her: “You have bones, right?”
Me: “Yes, I do.”
Her: “Just like I do?”
Me: “Just like you, yes.”
Her: “Can I see your bones?”
Me: “Um… No, you can’t. They are under my skin.”
Her: “Well… can you just peel your skin odd, so I can see them?”
Me: “Uhhh… definitely not… my skin can peel off, Lanaia.”

My step daughter also likes to stare at you when  you’re sleeping. She doesn’t really do this anymore, but I use to wake up from dead sleep because I felt something starring at me. Lo and behold, I woke up to her starring at me, inches from my face, not saying a word, at 2am.

I’ve got more about my step daughter… We had just gotten our new couch and I was telling everyone how they cannot let our dogs on the couch because I’m tired of cleaning up dog hair. Well… Lanaia struck up yet another creepy conversation.
Her: “Why does puppy have to stay off the couch?”
“Because he’s too hairy and his hair stinks.”
Her: “Can’t you just remove all his hair from his body?”
Me: “Umm, no.
(I didn’t  really even know how to answer this question.)

I’ve also found some creepy things in their room… One afternoon, I went in my girls room to clean it and when I get to the bed and start pulling toys, socks and more toys out from under their beds, I find a Barbie doll with no clothes, no arms and NO HEAD. I asked Lanaia what happened to the Barbie doll and she said, I removed her head and arms and left her there… And the way she said it was just creepy. She said it like it was a normal thing to do.

Here are some other stories about creepy kids from other mom’s.

Jackson Age: 5
Around 4pm or so, my son was playing in his room. Jackson has a very active imagination and talks to his toys or to his “friends” as most 5 year olds do. As I’m walking down the hallway. I hear him talking… I stand there in the doorway listening for a few minutes… At first, it was normal 5 year old conversations with toys… but then… he said something that caught me off guard and quite honestly, creeped me out. He said, …We don’t have to because  our dog is going to eat mommy’s hands tonight… We don’t have a dog… I never thought my own kid could make me feel so uncomfortable…

Violet Age: 5
Violet was coloring at her little table one morning while I made breakfast. She like to draw pictures of her family (If you have a 4 year old, you know that their drawings are… odd looking and 90% of the time, you can’t tell the shirt from the neck.) She drew a picture of her family; her, me, her dad and her 8 month old sister, Olivia. She was showing me her picture and was pointing out what’s what. She pointed my head, mouth, eyes and nose. I asked her what the circles were under my eyes and she says, Those are tears, Mommy. You’re crying.I then asked her, why I was crying and why the tears were red and she said, Those are blood tears and you have them because Livia poked you in the eyes and they fell out.My daughter, my sweet 4 year old is such an innocent and kind girl and all her pictures are usually of her and I holding hands or of her and her daddy playing at the park; something along those lines, so this picture really creeped me out.

Kids are creepy, aren’t they? If you have any strange stories about your kids that creep you out, please drop them in the comment section below. I’d love to hear them.