We all know that when we become moms, our social lives start to die and when you have more than one kid, your social life is long gone, six feet under. Those of you that are reading this and saying, “This isn’t true. I talk to people” , sorry, but asking your kid if they pooped and what they are doing a million times a day, is not the social interaction you need. Quit lying to yourself. Here are 5 pieces of advice to help you get your social life back.
1. Gossip.
It’s inevitable, humans love to gossip. Again, quit lying. You know you do. Just start gossiping. Gossip at the grocery store, yoga (Janice isn’t as flexible as she claims to be.), or even at work. You are bound to get some interesting social interaction if you gossip at work.
2. Now, you can lie.
When you are actually out in public and you find yourself in an actual conversation, with actual adults, lie. Lie about what you do and make it more interesting. Lie about what kind of house you live in… You can even lie about having kids. This should really jump start an interesting friendship.

3. Get drunk.
Drunk people seem to attract each other. When two people are drunk, you figure out that you two actually have a lot in common. One: Well, you both decided to get drunk alone. Two: You both get really weird when you’re drunk… Three: You can’t understand what each other is saying because you guys are slurring your words. This can work to your advantage actually. If you say something that you wish you didn’t, it’s okay, they more than likely didn’t hear you anyways.

4. Facebook.
Start drama on facebook in a mom’s group. Lonely bitter mom’s LOVE drama, especially if it’s started on social media. You will for sure make some friends this way.

5. Befriend his Ex’s.
Call up your husband’s ex and talk to her. You have one thing in common right off the bat… Your taste in men which you know can open up a whole variety of convo topics. It’s a bonus if your hubby had a child with this ex.

There you have it. 5 for sure ways to make friends, or at least have a conversation with an adult.


I’ve been doing SUNDAY SARCASM for a while now so y’all should probably get the concept. Everything in my sarcasm posts are obviously SARCASTIC… Well, almost everything… I actually am friends with the mother of my step-daughter, so that worked out for me. LOL