In the midst of your crazy-busy mom lives, do you ever have small simple moments of just sheer happiness? Whether it be finally having the TV remote to yourself, watching your babies sleep, or just having a few hours to yourself, kid-free. Having these moments is part of what makes us feel alive and just happy. It makes us realize what pure happiness really is.
Here are a few of my moments of pure joy.

  • Waking up in the morning to my 2 year old softly touching my face saying, “Mornin’ Mama!”
  • Laying in an empty cold, dog-less bed after a tiring day. (I especially love when my sheets are freezing cold!)
  • Being able to pee in my own bathroom, alone, without a toddler in there asking me if I’m going potty over and over.
  • My daughter and step daughter being mommies to their baby dolls.
  • My daughter kissing my freckle because she thinks it’s and owie.
  • When my daughter grabs my face and tells me, “You so pretty, Mama.”

What are your pure moments of joy?


  • I love when it rains-Everything about it. 
  • The ocean.
  • I love carnivals.


  • My kids laughing.
  • My husband’s smile.
  • Sleeping. No one is unhappy when they are sleeping.


  • I was at my son’s school the other day for a meeting and as I was leaving, my son comes running through the cowed of kids to catch up to me to give me a hug and to tell me he loves me really loudly. 14 years old and my son still hugs and tells me he loves me in front of friends and other kids. 
  • When my 4 year old tells me, “I la you, Mama.” It’s our special way of saying I love you.
  • Every time I dance, I feel pure joy in every cell of my body.
  • And of course, the smell of the first cup of coffee when I get up in the morning is a given.


  • When my son tells me that I am his best friend.
  • The smell of a fresh cleaned house. (Floor cleaner & air freshener)
  • When I feel like I am failing for the day and just feel all around cruddy, my husband tells me how beautiful I am. The fact that he thinks I am beautiful when I look like a hot mess brings me absolute joy.


  • Fresh brewed coffee.
  • Meeting my husband for the first time and then marrying him.
  • The birth of my children


  • The birth of all 3 of my children.
  • Coming home from work to my grandson running to hug me and tell me he missed me.
  • The smell of fresh brewed coffee and someone else BBQing.


  • My son gives me pure joy- the fact that he’s truly a Mama’s boy.
  • Sleep because I work 2 jobs and don’t get enough of it half the time, but when I do, it’s the best thing ever. 
  • Getting to shower alone, which is something I hardly get to do anymore.


Pure joy can be found in the smallest, simplest of things. We often over-look what pure joy truly is. It isn’t being rich or having a fancy new car- this isn’t true happiness. Yes, these things can make you happy, but it isn’t pure joy; pure joy is something that deeply makes you happy, makes you feel something much deeper than just being happy- it’s something that warms your soul, (which apparently is the smell of coffee. Lol.) It’s moments that can’t be bought. I challenge you all to find pure joy in simple things and be thankful for the small things.