Being mothers, we are always cleaning up after our litters and everyone else in our household, but the one thing we do more than anything else is laundry. It’s never-ending. We wash one load and two more loads pop up. Sometimes I think I have 4 extra kids somewhere in hiding that only come out to dirty more clothes. Half the time, it’s my husband who will leave his clean clothes on the floor with his dirty ones, forgetting which ones are clean and dirty, thus creating more dirty laundry.
My daughter likes to pull all her clean clothes out of her dresser and do various things with them, such as wear them, clean something up with them, wipes her nose with them and so forth, thus creating more laundry! See, this is exactly why it’s never-ending!
Here are 4 solutions to your massive, never-ending laundry piles.
Go green and recycle… Just spray those dirty clothes with Fabreeze and just stick them right back in the closets and dressers. They won’t even notice. Heck, your kids wear dirty clothes for a minimum of 2 days anyways and your toddlers wouldn’t care if you dressed them in paper bags… which brings me to my next solution…
Can’t generate dirty clothes if your kids just wear paper bags… If they get them dirty, consider it art. Paper bags are cheaper than clothes and laundry soap anyways.
Just donate all their clothes. No clothes, no laundry. No laundry, no laundry soap. Look, now your saving money and giving to those in need. Go on and pat yourself on the back. Not only that, that laundry is now someone else’s problem and not yours.
All Natural
Let em run around naked. All natural. (Except your husband of course, no child needs to see that.) I mean, they are naked half the time anyways. Think about it, it’ll be easier to potty train if your little little’s are completely nude AND you are saving money on diapers. GO YOU.

Now, go save time, money and your sanity and go eliminate your massive laundry pile!