Back in July of 2017, I went to a salon where I always went, to get a new hair style, but ended up leaving traumatized. You can read the story here.
That haircut was just so bad, it was the worst one I’ve ever gotten. It was hell these last 7 months dealing and managing my hair while it was growing back. It went through an awkward stage pretty much the entire time. It’s still in an awkward stage, but at lease it’s not buzzed anymore.

My ‘bad hair days’ were ten times worse than normal bad hair days. While some women who were having bad hair days could just throw their hair in a hair tie and call it good, I had to straighten what hair I did have or it would stick up. I’ve never missed my long hair more than I have the past 7 months. I couldn’t just have a bad hair day like every other woman on this planet with hair. I couldn’t just wash and let it dry and call it good. There was nothing good about that for my hair. I had to blow dry and straighten it almost daily.
I did end up kind of getting it fixed. My normal hairstylist worked a miracle on my hair to where it actually looked decent. I didn’t really want it that way, but I was just lucky that she was able to hide most the buzz cut hair.
Although I hated this haircut, and I had such an awful time managing, there are some products that really helped me keep my extremely short hair under control.

Leave-in Conditioner
This is a must when you have short hair. It keeps it soft and that makes it easier to style. This brand is a decent price too. I think it’s around 4 or 5 dollars at Wal-mart or any local drug store.

Flat Iron Spray
I try and stick with the same brand of hair care products, the products I use almost daily anyways. Since I have to flat iron my hair almost daily, this spray is a must. It protects from heat damage and lord knows I can’t afford to damage my hair even more. This is about $4 at Wal-Mart.

Biosilk Therapy Serum
This is kind of like leave-in conditioner, but 10 times better. I use this for my ends and it really helps ease the look of split ends and helps your hair to straighten the way you want. plus, this makes your hair super soft. You can get this at Walgreens, Riteaid and Ulta, from $15 – $24. I got this as a gift, no way would I spend this much on hair products. Lol

Detour Hair Wax
I had mentioned this in a previous post. I cannot express enough how much I love this stuff! When the buzz cut side of my head was in the ‘stick straight up’ stage, hair wax was my best friend. The hair stylist who fixed my hair, flipped the hair from the other side, over the buzz cut side, so when the buzzed hair started to grow, it would stick up through the hair that was flipped over. It was just awful.

Coconut Milk
I started using coconut milk products because I heard it helps your hair grow faster, Lol. There are a ton of benefits to using coconut milk on your hair. 

  • It nourishes your hair; helps dry, flaky scalp
  • Helps prevent baldness
  • Hair detangling
  • Conditioner without leaving a greasy residue that some conditioners leave
  • Hair growth – It’s been proven that it helps promote hair growth and strengthens hair
  • Repairs damaged hair
  • Makes hair shiny and smooth 

Duck Bill Hair Clips
These clips are a life-saver. Having really short hair, it’s impossible to put sections up with hair ties. These clips work wonders for sectioning short hair. 

My hair has grown a lot in seven months. It’s still shorter than I like and I still can’t put it up in hair ties, but at least the buzzed part of my hair has grown out!! Thank goodness for that. 
This is what I wanted….

            This is what I got…. Ignore the grays… July, 2017

This is after I got it fixed….

March, 2018
This is what is looks like now. It’s growing!!!