Hey Lovelies!
This goes along with what I said in my previous post about how we don’t have enough time. Well, I’m going to be doing a quick simple make up look in 7 MINUTES. This is totally doable every morning, right? Lets see if I can actually do my makeup in 7 minutes. No, this video isn’t rehearsed. 


  • Pick out your makeup the night before and lay it out so you can use the whole 7  minutes putting it on.
  • Pick your clothes out the night before too so you can coordinate your makeup with your clothes. I mean, if you do that like I do. 

As you can see, if you just want a quick simple look, it is possible to do it in 7 minutes.

You can find here, the Mermaid Makeup Brushes I was using. The brush I was using works really well for blending!!