5 things you shouldn’t say to a mom.

There are way more than 5 things that a non-mom shouldn’t say to a mom, but these 5 are my personal favorites. Yes, people have actually said these to me before and no, I didn’t break anyone’s teeth. Thought about it though…

“That’s not good for your kid to eat.”

…Just like those fries aren’t good for you to eat, Susan? Last time I checked, this was MY kid and I pay for her food. You try getting a toddler to eat well balanced meals every single day! It’s just not reality, Susan!

“You aren’t bringing your kid, are you?”

For one, this is a rude want to ask, and two, if my kid isn’t welcome to come with her mother, then why the heck would I want to go, Mary?! No thanks, I’ll stay home and watch Sesame Street with my unwelcome kid..

“You should teach your kid this… or that…”

…And I think your mom should re-teach you manners, Tammy. This is MY kid. Do you have kids, Tammy? No? You have a dog? Yeah, not even close to the same thing. You don’t like the way I teach my kid or what I teach her? Then I suggest you better find some more dog mom friends, huh?

“Can you tell your kid to be quiet?!”

Yeah, if I could really stop my 2 YEAR OLD from being loud on command, don’t you think I would have done that already, Janet? Let’s be real here, as awesome as I am, I am not a fairy god mother with a magic wand. Don’t like it? Then I’ll take my screaming kid and go to Wal-Mart where all the other screaming kids and their parents congregate. There I know we’ll fit in.

“Your house is messy.”

Yes, I’m well aware my house isn’t in perfect, tip-top  shape like yours, Linda, but do you have kids? No? Then you wouldn’t know the distinct similarities between a tornado and a toddler. Go ahead and clean my messy, Linda. Then sit here with me and wait for the storm and be prepared to eat your words.
Seriously, if you aren’t a mom and have no idea what parents deal with on a daily basis, then you should probably keep your trap closed. Mom’s lack a lot of sleep, energy and sanity… They can snap at any moment, so it would be in your best interest to watch what you say and ask, especially if you are only a mom to animals.
Just saying.
5 (2).png


“You shouldn’t have anymore kids.”
This is just down right ignorant! Do you watch my kids, Betty? Do you feed, pay for, or care for my kids, Betty? Are you married to my husband, Betty? I’m pretty sure if I want to reproduce more cute little humans into this world, that’s 100% my choice, and 10000% not your business. As a matter of fact… Since you think its alright to even say this to a mother, you definitely shouldn’t reproduce, Betty.
*Susan, Mary, Tammy, Janet, Linda and Betty were not harmed in the writing of this blog.*

22 thoughts on “5 things you shouldn’t say to a mom.

  1. This post made me laugh LOL. But all jokes aside, some people really need to mind their own business, seriously. I am not a mother but I can imagine how frustrating it could be to have people tell you how to be a mom.


  2. Not a mom yet but heard these so many times! Ah unsolicited advices are the worst. But sometimes you can find peace when you realize that everyone is just figuring things out like yourself.

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  3. This reminds me of one of the best pieces of parenting advice my own mama ever got. She was pregnant with me (her first), and with a friend/friend’s baby (her 4th), and my mama looked at the baby and said “My kid will never be that fat!” and her friend patiently sighed and said, “You can NEVER say anything about someone else’s child until your own child has passed that age/stage.” Last month we were vacationing with my bro (whose godmother is this wise seasoned mama who gave my mama that advice), his 2yo/wife, my mama, and my husband/2 girls (ages 6 and 9). My girls were acting off the wall the whole vacation, which drove my bro and SIL nuts. And my mama just calmly shared Evan’s godmother’s advice with him. 🙂


  4. I am lucky enough to have never being in touch with anyone that would say something like that to me … I think this post could be a great eye opener for those “friends”that don’t have any kids yet and that think they know how to do it … great post! thanks for sharing

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  5. So true! And there are so many I could add to this list. The only person I will take this from, and also mention, is my sister. But, we both know that we absolutely love our nephews and they are truly out of love and concern, not being snarky like most women can be.

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  6. I've been told “you know what causes kids right!”
    You shouldn't be so harsh
    And while grocery shopping I've been told that I'm not doing a good job because my 2 year old was screaming because she didn't feel good!


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